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Hello!  I'm Sandra Leavey, and this is Broad Street Market, our company is family owned and operated (Well, we do have a few close friends "throwed in", but we count them as family!!!!)  I have been in the fabric and craft industry for the past 20 years. First as a professional crafter, and then as a fabric and needlework shop owner, always looking for something new, somewhere along the line several years ago,   we added decorative painting and stenciling and dieing art crafts, like soap making and basket weaving, caning, etc.  then we added antiques, and now the collectibles lines.   I feel very fortunate to come to work every morning and be faced with a job that makes me so content.  I love the craft and needlework industry, the people are friendly, and crafting is the best form of therapy that I have ever found.  Well enough about me!!!

My mom and dad, Faia and Bill, came into the company, several years ago, first as a monetary support so that I could expand, and second, because they are retired now and coming down to send out the mail, gives dad something to do.  Mom helps with the bills and especially the buying (she says that we are spending her nursing home money and my inheritance!!)  My sister Diana is the reason behind adding the Enesco line.   Several years ago she started collecting Calico Kittens, and there has been no stopping her, I have searched almost as many Hallmark  and gift shops in search of the one she didn't have as she has with me antiqued.  So, she has joined the team to promote her hobby.  My two oldest children, Christopher and Sarah, scan pictures and help with the grunt work (Christopher says heavy on the grunt part!!!)  Kori our next youngest visits occasionally, but is more of an outside person (like her dad), and Angel (don't let the name fool you), our youngest, is our official greater!!! She's also getting real good about answering the phone, so if you call and hear a little voice, ask for her mom!!!  One of my best friends, Marietta, has just returned to work here, as our bookkeeper, secretary, (she was really called in to straighten out the office, you know that crafters are not particularly organized, and this was driving dad the engineer crazy!!!).  Anyway, she says she's doing this because God told her too, why else suffer the aggravation of trying to keep me organized?  My other best friend, Cathy, listens to me, when orders don't arrive, when the kids are driving me nuts, etc, and always does the driving when it's time to go out to an auction!!!!  That leaves only my husband, Frank, What a wonderful soul!!!  He is extremely patient, and supportive, and understanding, as he spends half of his days off down here rearranging and painting, and sorting, and unpacking and marking, etc. !!!   The real grunt work of the company.  Did I forget to mention that the other half of his days off he is framing in rooms of our "NEW" 5000 sq. ft 80 year old house, that we bought 2 years ago to restore, as if we didn't already have enough to do!!!!  Well, now that I have explained a bit about who we are......



We are here to meet your crafting needs, we try to buy lines that are increasing in popularity or are in danger of being lost.....  We try to stock as many different types of items as we can possibly fit into this building, and if we don't carry something, would be happy to order it for you.  There are occasions that we run out of an item, but we do order on a daily basis, from 40 or so different suppliers, so we will do our best to track something down for you, and if we can't find it we will at least try to point you in the right direction.  We try to attend as many different professional shows as possible to keep up on the newest trends, and to this end, are not always available, but daddy takes over then, and does his best to keep up with everything, and Angel stays here to help(and answer the phone!!!).  As this site grows, we hope to add some of our own patterns and designs, and an info exchange board, for those looking for a particular item, or pattern, etc.  Please email any suggestions you might have, we are here to serve your crafting needs!!!! Thanks for stopping by, Sandra

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