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Sarah, the second born of my children, was born, on a cold February morning, what seems like light years ago!!!!   I remember thinking that she was such a fragile small thing, and at a very, very age, she was just the most dainty person, whom I had ever met.  She spoke very little, she had a language all her own, and her brother was the only person who understood her, she would point, and barely whisper, and her brother would be so frustrated with me that I couldn't understand what she was saying!  I always felt that she had no need to learn to speak, as Christopher anticipated her every move.  They had an unbreakable bond, with Christopher as the caretaker, and Sarah as the princess, and she has been a free spirited princess, ever since. 

Sarah was always my artsy one, she tried everything, showing cows, dancing as a flag girl, even majored in forensics at college for the first few years.  Then she found her true love, ART, and the world changed forever for her!  

Since then, she met and married, her soul mate, Nicholas McIntyre, who is just as artsy, and flighty as she is.  Their feet barely touch the ground, as they pick out colors for their decidedly artsy house that they are renovating!!!  Sure to be the most colorful and artsy house on the block!!

Below are some links to Sarah's artwork, some haunting, as her portrait of her younger sister, and some ethereal, as the picture that she painted, shortly after miscarrying her first child, Gimply.  OK, so maybe I would have gotten used to the name, as some point.  He was aptly named sometime in the morning hours after her miscarriage, symbolic as they are.  When it is time, I am sure that they will be great parents, and that their children, will grow up knowing what free spirit is all about.  In the mean time, Sarah is teaching the Kids College at our local Brazosport College this summer, and will be offering art classes for all ages, as soon as she can get a schedule put together.  She continues to creat art, her last project was a mural commissioned by an after school  program in Brenham, Texas!   

Sarah is an amazing artist, as well as, an amazing daughter.  Sometimes the most stubborn person I have ever met, but also the most forgiving.  Please check out her artwork, below.......   

Coming soon, are art prints of some of her favorite works!  

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